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June 8 or 16, 2018

Important Dates

K-8 and Highschool
First Semester:
Course Descriptions Due: September 1, 2017
Semester Start: September 5, 2017
Semester End: January 26, 2018
Records Due: February 9, 2018
Second Semester:
Semester Start: January 29, 2018
Semester End: June 8, 2018
Records Due: June 22, 2018


What is homeschooling? By definition it is teaching at home. That is something every parent does. We teach our kids from the moment they are born. We teach them out of love and a desire to help them grow into the people God intends them to be. We teach them to eat, to walk, to talk. We teach them to share, to interact with others. We teach them about God. We don’t know everything there is to know about teaching our children all of these things and the many, many other things we will teach them. We learn as we go. We seek out people to help us along the way. We cry out to God for wisdom and ask him to teach us, that we might teach our children. At times we make mistakes, but we keep pushing through. At times we get tired of being parents, but we keep pushing through. We push through because we love our children and we know that God has given them to us to raise and disciple.

When you think about homeschooling in that context it isn’t difficult to make the leap to teaching your children academically. You are already teaching them. You are simply adding math, reading, history, etc., to the things you already teach. You won’t know everything that you need to know when you begin, but you will learn as you go. You will seek out people to help you along the way. You will cry out to God for wisdom and ask him teach you, that you might teach your children. At times you will make mistakes. At times you will get tired of being a homeschooling parent. But you will push through because you love your children and you know that God has given them to you to raise and disciple.

At CLA we want to be your partner in the homeschooling journey. We offer help all along the way from kindergarten through high school. We understand the needs of the homeschooling parent, because we are homeschooling parents. We know the prayers you will pray, because we’ve prayed them too. Let us stand with you as you expand the teaching you already do to include your children’s academic learning as well. We are here to serve you in this journey of parenting your kids while teaching them at home.

CLA Vision

Christian Life Academy exists to glorify God by serving Christian Home School Families.


To serve Christian Home School Families through our:

Athletic Academy

Competitive National Travel Teams
Southern California Travel Teams
Local County Developmental Teams
Camps & Clinics

Academic Support

Online Recordkeeping
Curriculum Consulting
School Photo/ID Cards
Transcript Assimilation

Alumni Internship Academy

Lecture & Survey Courses
Work Experience


Membership with CLA gives your family access to many resources to help you in your homeschool adventure.

  • One on one curriculum counseling
  • College Transcripts
  • Sports
  • Student ID
  • Work Permits
  • Fellowship with like-minded families
  • School Photos
  • High School Graduation Ceremony
  • High School Diplomas
  • Recordkeeping – CLA has partnered with a top rated Home School recordkeeping provider My Home School Grades

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Fee Structure

Athletic Academy

CLA provides sports opportunities for the home school community. From competitive high school varsity sports to development youth sports. Every team attempts to glorify God with excellence. Practices are located throughout inland North County.

CLA participates in leagues and tournaments in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.

CLA strives to provide the highest level of competition for our athletes. The Boys’ high school basketball team has participated in the last two National Christian High School Basketball Championships in Springfield, Missouri. It is our goal to provide opportunities to compete on a national level in all sports.

A CLA membership is required to play sports.

CLA sports are volunteer lead, coached and facilitated. Sport availability is dependent on players, coaches and facilities. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in any capacity.

Fee Structure

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Christian Life Academy
2081 Bear Valley Parkway, Suite B220
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