Homeschooling has the capacity to change not just your child’s life, but your own. In the comfort of your home you get to create the optimal learning environment and chart a growth path that will sustain your children throughout their lives.
Homeschooling is legal everywhere in the United States. To want to homeschool your children means you desire to teach them, read to them, spend quality time with them…you’re already qualified to truly educate your children.
Learning does not have to be taught to children. They are hungry for information. Facilitating that is your privilege as a home school parent as you create an environment for learning and exploring as a family unit.
The ‘socialization’ question is something you may wonder about. Contrary to what some may believe, homeschooled children are not social misfits – they are very well adjusted. Homeschool children gain their social graces from adults and so learn how to be around adults and form healthy relationships with their peers.
Homeschooling does not demand 8-hour marathon learning sessions. You design a plan that works best for you and your family. There are many families around you who have made the choice to homeschool. Connect with them to brainstorm and support each other on those days where you may question yourself. This is a normal reaction for what can feel like a very big decision.
By designing the life you want for your child’s learning, you also begin to design the life you truly want for yourself. Your children witness how they too can design the life they want to lead. Have faith; your child has learned to do many things before ever starting school. They’ll continue that journey with your help.

CLA Vision

Christian Life Academy exists to glorify God by serving Christian Home School Families.


To serve Christian Home School Families through our:

Athletic Academy

Competitive National Travel Teams
Southern California Travel Teams
Local County Developmental Teams
Camps & Clinics

Academic Support

Online Recordkeeping
Curriculum Consulting
School Photo/ID Cards
Transcript Assimilation

Alumni Internship Academy

Lecture & Survey Courses
Work Experience


Membership with CLA gives your family access to many resources to help you in your homeschool adventure.

  • One on one curriculum counseling
  • College Transcripts
  • Sports
  • Student ID
  • Work Permits
  • Fellowship with like-minded families
  • School Photos
  • High School Graduation Ceremony
  • High School Diplomas
  • Recordkeeping – CLA has partnered with a top rated Home School recordkeeping provider My Home School Grades

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Athletic Academy

CLA provides sports opportunities for the home school community. From competitive high school varsity sports to development youth sports. Every team attempts to glorify God with excellence. Practices are located throughout inland North County.

CLA participates in leagues and tournaments in San Diego, Riverside and Orange County.

CLA strives to provide the highest level of competition for our athletes. The Boys’ high school basketball team has participated in the last two National Christian High School Basketball Championships in Springfield, Missouri. It is our goal to provide opportunities to compete on a national level in all sports.

A CLA membership is required to play sports.

CLA sports are volunteer lead, coached and facilitated. Sport availability is dependent on players, coaches and facilities. Please contact us if you are interested in helping in any capacity.


Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Young Eagles Basketball


Boys Volleyball


Sports Conditioning
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