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Attendance Guidelines

Why is reporting your student’s attendance essential?

The attendance requirement for private schools set forth by the California Education Code states that attendance records of each enrolled student must be kept in a register indicating every absence of a half day or more. CLA is accountable for your attendance and that attendance is recorded by you, the families. Therefore, you can see that teamwork is critical on this issue.
Keep in mind that being “enrolled” in CLA does not satisfy the attendance requirement. The attendance requirement is satisfied by the online reporting.
If an “Official” was to contact CLA to inquire if your student was “enrolled and attending”, CLA would refer to the online reporting records done by the families. If no attendance was reported, your student would be “enrolled but not attending”. Therefore, it is CRITICAL to keep your student’s attendance up to date.

CLA Procedure for reporting attendance for all students

Each student’s attendance must be entered at the end of each week during the school year. This applies to high school students as well, even though their grades will not be recorded until the end of the first semester. The student’s attendance is recorded based on the school calendar regardless of when your family completes their “makeup days” or takes your holidays.
Attendance can be entered by logging on to My Home School Grades
You will be alerted to events added to the School Calendar by e-mail, however, school attendance and quarters/semesters will not change during the school year

Days of attendance for School Year 2016-2017

K-8 and Highschool

First Semester:
Course Descriptions Due: September 1, 2017
Semester Start: September 5, 2017
Semester End: January 26, 2018
Records Due: February 9, 2018
Second Semester:
Semester Start: January 29, 2018
Semester End: June 8, 2018
Records Due: June 22, 2018