Girls Basketball

The CLA Girls Basketball team play Fridays and Saturdays against teams from private homeschool organizations as well as private Christian schools from the Southern California area. The Girls team will play Friday evenings at the Alliant Breakaway League, as well as playing on Saturdays through the season against other homeschool organizations and private Christian schools. We will also be participating in March gladness, a regional tournament for Homeschool basketball teams.


Practice Schedule



Saturday CHSS Games

Final Record 4-2
Next up
March Gladness

Breakaway Games at Alliant

Alliant Breakaway League Schedule

Final Record 8-2
League Champions

CLA Membership Application, Emergency Contact and Informed Consent forms must be completed and turned into CLA before a player will be allowed to step onto a practice court. Financial obligations can be worked out with CLA.

The Membership Application can be completed online or printed.
Emergency Contact and Informed Consent are available only as forms to print.

If you choose to mail the forms or hand deliver to the office, make sure the office will receive them in time.
Remember, if there is no record of your Child’s paperwork having been turned in prior to our first practice, they can watch from the bleachers, but will not be practicing with the teams, therefore not having the opportunity to be assessed and placed onto a team until the forms have been received.

Apply for Membership Online
Printed Membership Forms
Emergency Contact
Informed Consent

Head Coach – Jay Luce

Coach Jay Luce is the head coach for the CLA Girls Varsity Basketball Team. Coach Luce attends New Life Presbyterian Church of Escondido where he has served as a youth leader for 15 years.

Coach Jay Luce