Christian Life Academy gives parents a two week window, after deadlines, to submit course descriptions, semester grades, and update attendance. This year we are implementing a policy for late records submittals. There will be a penalty fee of $5 per week per student for late academic recordkeeping (course descriptions/standards, attendance and grades) for those families who miss our published submittal deadlines.

By enrolling with Christian Life Academy, you are inviting us to partner with you in holding you accountable for staying on track. Meeting deadlines is part of that process. Furthermore, we are required to maintain accurate attendance records and course work descriptions by the State of California; therefore it is very important that we keep those records up to date. Failure to comply with these minimal requirements jeopardizes our ability to retain the right to file an affidavit on behalf of CLA families.

Also, CLA is working hard to keep our costs down. When families fail to meet submittal deadlines, this creates an added administrative burden for the record keeper as it degrades from an efficient process and inevitably takes time away from other tasks that have been put off until after the submittal deadline. It does cost us more to process late submittals.

The late fee will be waived for families experiencing extenuating circumstances, such as death or illness in the family, loss of job, untimely move, etc. Please let us know as soon as possible of your need for an exemption and let us know how we can serve you through times such as these.