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We’re a Christian homeschool co-op that works together to build community through competitive sports


Competitive Athletics

Make new friends, build character, and have fun in a welcoming but competitive environment.

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Welcoming Community

Eat great food, dance the night away, learn something new, or simply come together in fellowship at one of our community events.

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Where are the competitive sports programs for Christian, homeschool families?

We get it, you want your kids to play sports, but it’s hard to find a sports program that fits your family. Homeschool co-ops are great for community, but don’t offer competitive sports. You could get competitive athletics through club teams or charter schools, but those communities can be toxic.

It can seem like you only have two choices: either your child doesn’t play sports or you risk compromising your values as a Christian homeschool family.

We know how it feels when there are no good options

That’s why we started the CLA sports program—because your kids should be able to play competitive sports in a Christian environment without compromising your family's values.

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Competitive Homeschool Sports

The CLA Sports Program is an opportunity for homeschool students between 5th and 12th grade to play their favorite sport in a healthy Christian environment. They’ll play against teams here in San Diego, as well as Orange and Riverside counties. They’ll also have the opportunity to compete in tournaments that range from local to national level.

Sports Program

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Community Events for the Whole Family

It’s not just about the athletics for us. From hoedowns, to sock hops, to field trips, to barbecues, our families jump at any opportunity to get together. That community-oriented environment is what makes CLA special. So we organize fun family events regularly throughout the year to give our community as many of those opportunities as possible.

Community Events

Competitive Sports,
Great Community,
No Compromise

Join a homeschool co-op that works together to build community through sports.