Competitive Sports With No Compromise

You should be able to have competitive sports in a Christian environment without compromising your values as a homeschool family

Where are the sports programs for Christian homeschool families?

Organized, competitive athletics are one of the greatest tools for helping your children develop strong character qualities. But for Christian homeschool families, finding a healthy and competitive sports environment is a challenge.

Homeschool co-ops?

Most homeschool co-ops offer some sort of PE option. But these environments are meant for education, not competition.

Charter schools?

Some charter schools allow homeschool families to play sports through special programs. But that would mean immersing your child in a culture that might not align with your values. They would get to play sports, but how do you know they’re being influenced to grow in a healthy direction?

Club teams?

They’re adversarial. They pit players on the same team against each other and they’re focused on winning, not helping players grow. A club team environment might help your child be better as an athlete, but maybe not as a person.

It’s almost like there’s no good solution for Christian homeschool sports. You don’t have many options to start with. And it seems like the only options you do have force you to make a choice—either risk compromising your family values, or go without sports entirely. Until now.

The solution your family’s been looking for

Christian Life Academy is a sports co-op for Christian homeschool families. We work together to create a healthy and competitive environment for our children. Our coaches focus on developing strong teams of players who work together in a collaborative environment. They take a character-first approach to coaching—not just training athletes to win, but helping to guide athletes to develop the character qualities that lead to success in life and on the court.

Join the Team

We field teams for every skill level—from absolute beginners to varsity level athletes—to play games with other organizations here in San Diego, as well as Orange County and Riverside.

Joining a team at CLA is easy. Once your family is enrolled in CLA, and registration opens for your sport, it’s just a matter of a few clicks!

  1. Enter how many athletes you’re registering
  2. Indicate how you’re willing to volunteer for the season
  3. Submit your registration payment (or choose a payment plan)
  4. Fill out your paperwork (only takes 5 minutes)

And that’s it! We hope to see you soon.

Want some more information?

You can find all the information you need for your sport, including the schedule, practice and game locations, FAQ’s, and a registration form here.

Don’t see your sport?

Shoot us an email. Let’s see what we can do about putting a team together

Competitive Sports,
Great Community,
No Compromise

Join a homeschool co-op that works together to build community through sports